While gifts of any size are highly valued by Envision and the people we serve, planned gifts are even more coveted because of their ability to be transformative. Here are just a few examples of how gifts funded through your estate can help Envision empower those who are blind and visually impaired:

Provide tuition for children ages 0-5 at the Cathy G. Hudson Envision Child Development Center.

Your gift allows us to continue to support children who are blind or visually impaired and their families in our state-of-the-art facility. We are the only early education center in the region providing comprehensive learning experiences for both children who are blind or visually impaired and for the typically sighted.

Provide access to the world of art and creative expression through the Envision Arts Center and Envision Arts Gallery. 

In an accessible, inclusive environment, creativity can be transformative for people of all ages who are blind or visually impaired.  Envision brings nationally-recognized artists to our Envision Arts Gallery to provide a unique opportunity for people to experience art. In addition, your gifts allow us to offer workshops and exhibitions where people who are blind or visually impaired can create and share their amazing talents with others.

Provide access to our national Level Up program for middle school and high school students.

Your support will allow the Level Up program to promote academic success by developing technology skills, independence and leadership – designed to prepare students to successfully transition to college, career and beyond. 

Provide registration for children at Heather’s Camp

Kids from ages 7-18 have a week-long, traditional camp experience in an inclusive environment. Heather’s Camp is a great opportunity to build independence, make new friends, and gain confidence – regardless of vision level. 

Provide specialized office equipment for the training and workforce development of adults who are blind and visually impaired 

Equipment such as canes, screen readers, CCTVs and more are needed in large quantities. Your gift can help us supply these resources for training and placement in the working environment.

Provide opportunities for Research Fellows from around the world to explore and innovate.

The Gigi and Carl Allen Envision Research Institute works with research fellows from across the globe through applied research geared towards removing the functional barriers for people with blindness or vision loss. Your gift helps to ensure that research in low vision continues and that Envision leads the way in the education and understanding of vision loss and rehabilitation.

Provide low vision services, rehabilitation and training to assist people regardless of their ability to pay.

Envision’s Gene Bicknell Vision Rehabilitation Center provides comprehensive vision rehabilitation by combining adaptive technology, training, occupational therapy, and more to maximize a person’s ability to stay independent and feel confident. Your gift ensures that we can continue to provide the best quality of care, as well as tools and resources to give people hope.

Provide support to college students around the country through the Envision College Success Program.

Your support will help students who are blind or visually impaired to get the resources they need to make the most of their college experience and achieve their goals.